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ah that’s it …

♡ Find all good posts here! ♡

idk i’m still not over episode 17 ⊙ω⊙
Anonymous sent: hey so I'm having a really crappy day and, knowing how strong your gif game is, I was hoping you would have a stock of cute/happy/spiritlifting gifs? (ps your art is so fab and the fact that you ship Hannigram is fantastic)


I would do it but I’m seeing this 4 days later so I think it doesnt counts now

Well, here it goes this gif anyways

At this point you should be grinning like an idiot like I do

(And thank youuu!<3)


I like to think the real reason Silva was pissed at Killua enough to send the toughest and most troublesome butlers to accompany him is that Killua threatened his mother.

"Son, you run away from home, continue into a rebellious stage and disobey me again and again. I can live with that. But don’t you dare put my sweet cakes in danger!"


Caramelized Onion and Gruyere Cheese Pizza